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Dangle the prize in front of the.

Dangle. Dictionarycom thesauruscom meanings meanings emoji slang acronyms pop culture memes gender and sexuality. How to use dangle in a sentence. She sat on the edge of the pool dangling her feet in the water. Verb let your arms dangle at your sides.

The rope dangled in the breeze. To hang loosely or to hold something so that it hangs loosely. Dangle synonyms dangle pronunciation dangle translation english dictionary definition of dangle. Escape baskets slung from them dangle beside the building for people to climb into.

He grabbed the rope she. To hold out a hope enticingly. Dangle dangledangledangledangle v. Dangle dangler or dangling may refer to.

Dangler plot device an unresolved plot line in a story dangle espionage an agent of one side who pretends to be interested in defecting to another side dangle a type of earring dangle in ice hockey a variety of moves where a player dekes fakes out a goalie or player it originally meant to. To offer someone something he assumes the role of bus driver positioning himself at one end of the couch with his feet dangling through the railing and. He dangled a piece of string in front of the cat. He is to offer the public a new.

Dangle the wind chimes from the tree branch. Dangle definition is to hang loosely and usually so as to be able to swing freely. Suspend loosely and sway to and fro. Dangle the ball on a string before the baby.

Dangle definition to hang loosely especially with a jerking or swaying motion.