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Maintaining good and ideal body weight is an important thing to do on so many levels. Not only will it help ensure that your hot body stay in shape and attractive, it will also improve your chance to keep threats to your health at bay. However, to do it all without a supporting tool would be meaningless. Sure, you need to go on a healthy diet and always on the good track of healthy eating habit.

Sure, you need to exercise and move a lot so your body would not store a pile of fat. Sure, you need to avoid cigarettes at all cost and keep your alcohol consumption in moderation. But are those enough? Some people would say yes but without a real tool for you to use to keep track on your body weight, it would be rather difficult for you to have a tangible proof that all the hard work you have been committing to all this time pays off. We are talking about body scale—but not just any scales. This is all about the best body fat scale that is reliable that you can make into your best friend to go through the journey to perfection.

Speaking of best body fat scale is somewhat bias, subjective, and all. There is no surefire way to determine which body scale can work the best way for you. But to say that it is all based on trial and error would also be incorrect—there is no way you would want to spend your hard-earned cash on purchasing each and every body scale out there on the market, is there? Not only is that a waste of money, it would also be a waste of time. So, it would not do any

Nokia Body+

Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale would be a perfect example for this. The product was originally produced by Withings but Nokia re-launched it when it bought the company. And it is a truly magnificent invention. Its design is stylish and sleek and measures weight to 0.2 lbs. or 0.1 kg. It works with bioelectrical impedance to measure body mass index, lean mass, and fat mass. The data gathered by the tool will be transferred through Wi-Fi connection to either the official website or an app called Health Mate so you can access your personal data and graphs conveniently. The body is excellent in that it allows you to keep track on your development. It also accommodates up to 5 users, each of whom can set privacy level as they wish, and supports up to 180 kg maximum user weight. On three AAA batteries, it can last for months.

Taylor Bluetooth Smart Scale

The next best body fat scale candidate you can take into consideration would be the Taylor Bluetooth Smart Scale. The scale works best with most fitness apps as it allows you to update the apps automatically. Data would be sync between the scale and the app you use (works for Android and iOS) through Bluetooth connection. The scale also comes with its own app for you to install on your gadget and you can view anything from muscle mass to body water percentage to body fat percentage to your weight. Perhaps the most helpful feature of all is its ability to calculate the amount of calories you need to take in order that current body weight can be maintained.

The Fitbia Aria Wi-Fi Scale

The Fitbia Aria Wi-Fi Scale is another contender for the best body fat scale for you. The scale can measure your body fat percentage, Body Mass Index, and weight, the data of which will be transferred through a Wi-Fi connection to a smartphone or a computer. A maximum of eight users can use the scale. By using it along with an app and an account of Fitbit, it would be possible for you to overview your current stats. Using the scale with an account and an app will also unlock the feature of diet planner and tools to monitor your activity. The Fitbit Aria 2 (a variant of the product) has an added feature of tracking lean mass and can be synced with a smartphone.

Omron HBF-400

Another best body fat scale you can consider is the Omron HBF-400 Fat Loss Monitor with Scale. This body scale is unique in that it has a handheld sensor attached to it. The sensor works as a way for you to calculate the impedance for lower and upper body to give you an accurate measurement result. Up to four users can use the scale. The scale measures weight, visceral fat, resting metabolism, skeletal muscle, BMI, and body fat percentage. It comes with the ability to store data for up to 90 days and has a weight limit of 330 pounds. It, however, cannot be synced with Wi-Fi or an app.

Tanita BF-680 Scale and Body Fat Monitor

The Tanita BF-680 Scale and Body Fat Monitor could be one you take as the best body fat scale. It has the ability to store data for up to two different users and measures body water percentage and body fat percentage. With a weight limit of 300 pound, it doesn’t sync with Wi-Fi or an app. The EatSmart GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale measures bone mass, muscle mass, total body water, body fat percentage, and weight. While it accommodates up to eight users, it does not offer calculation for BMI but has a weight limit of 400 pounds.

Omron Body Fat Analyzer

Another best body fat scale is the Omron Body Fat Analyzer, which is a handheld tool that comes without a scale. You would have to input your weight manually to get a reading on BMI and body fat percentage. It comes with to modes: athlete and standard.

FatTrack Digital Skinfold Caliper

The FatTrack Digital Skinfold Caliper might be the best body fat scale you are looking for. It comes with a sensor that goes off when you apply right pressure to it. Data of up to three people can be stored and it comes with a body tape, video instruction, and software to track body fitness.

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